CLUB Rules

The Management reserves the right to amend these Rules and Regulations at any time at its sole discretion.

Tee Times

All players, members and guests must book a tee time in advance. Before going onto the golf course, the golfers must check-in and register in the Golf Shop. Each player’s name must appear on the tee sheet. All players must arrive 10 minutes before their tee time.

Starting times are required for all players. Tee times may be reserved up to 1 week in advance and will require the names of each player. Golfers who arrive late for their assigned tee time will be given the next available time.

Golfers unable to honour their booking as required to cancel either by calling the Pro-Shop or online.No Shows: The Start/Marshal will also monitor Golfers not showing up for their set tee time (classified as a “no shows”). The players will be notified by email and if this is repeated often, and appropriate action will be taken for abusing the privilege.

All play must commence from the #1 tee unless otherwise authorized by the Golf Staff. Players who stop after 9 holes at the Golf Snack Bar may forfeit their position on the #10 tee if there is a delay.

On busy days two ball and singles may be grouped with other players, if available. 


On the Course

Inclement Weather: 

Play of five (5) holes or more constitutes a nine (9) hole round.

Play of thirteen (13) holes or more constitutes an eighteen (18) hole round. 

Refunds of cart or guest fees in situations where inclement weather becomes an issue will be issued under these guidelines.

A Starter/Marshal shall be utilized, as needed, to expedite play, to enforce golf etiquette and general golf rules and regulations. Each golfer must comply with these directions. The Marshal has the ability to remove golfers from the course that do not respect the rules laid out.

Management-approved golf tournaments and scheduled Club events have priority over all other play on the golf course.

Practice is not allowed on the Golf Course. Players should not have more than one ball in play at any time. The Practice facility and Practice Putting Greens should be used for all practice.

Each person playing golf shall be equipped with a set of golf clubs and dressed in acceptable golf attire. Acceptable attire will include:
Women may wear acceptable length tailored shorts, skirts and capris.
Unacceptable attire shall include but is not limited to tee shirts, swimsuits, sweatshirts, running shorts, gym shorts, blue jeans, cut-off pants, tank tops and halter tops. Each golfer must wear soft spikes or soft-soled athletic shoes.
Collared shirt with sleeves, mock turtlenecks, long or short-sleeved and tailored slacks or shorts. 



Players or their caddy are expected to take pride in the course by observing the following simple rules:
Repair ball marks made by a ball hitting the green.
Rake sand bunkers after use and replace the rake in the bunker.
Whenever possible, avoid walking on the steep face of a bunker.
Repair all divots made when practising or hitting. 

The enjoyment of golf is greatly enhanced when the players observe courteous behaviour and the following rules:
Music is not permitted on the course. Players should be aware of other groups on the course and if they are making noise that might disturb them.
Players may not hit until the group ahead is at a safe distance.
Golf bags and pull carts are not allowed on Greens, Fringes and Tee Boxes.
No one should move, talk, or stand directly behind a player’s ball or behind the hole when the player is addressing the ball or swinging.

Foul language, throwing clubs, or any other distasteful behaviour is prohibited.
If ever a player hits a ball in the general direction of another golfer or member of staff, it is their obligation to shout “FORE”. It is recommended that upon hearing this, golfers should crouch down and place their arms over their heads.


Slow Play

It is expected that a round of golf shall not exceed four hours and thirty minutes. If a complete hole is open ahead of a group, Golf Staff will ask the group to exercise one of the following options:
Close the gap and maintain that position
Step aside and let the faster groups play through before resuming play.
Skip the hole in play, move straight to the next tee and maintain this position.

Play Ready Golf: Players are expected to play without delay and to be prepared to play when it is their turn. The player who is farthest from the hole should play first unless it is more expedient for another player to hit first and does not interfere with other players. When teeing off, it is recommended that the order of play is NOT be determined by the “Honors” system. To facilitate pace, players should play ready golf. 

Searching for lost balls is limited to three (3) minutes. While searching, allow the group behind to play through if their play is impeded.

All carts and bags should be placed between the green and the next tee while putting. 

Players must leave the area of the green immediately after the last golfer has finished putting. Scores are to be recorded on the next tee box while other members of the group are teeing off.

On the Facilities

Walking, jogging, or bicycling is not permitted on the golf course.

No pets are allowed anywhere on the facilities. 

The Club shall not be responsible for any loss, theft, or damage to any property of any kind belonging to members or their guests. 

Children under the age of 12 years will not be admitted to the Clubhouse or grounds unless accompanied by an adult member of the child’s family or guardian who is responsible for their safety and conduct. Children will not be admitted on the facilities past 8 pm, unless for specific events.

Every Member is responsible for the conduct and dress of his or her guests and/or children. The conduct and safety of children are the direct responsibility of their parents while on property. Control of Members’ children is the responsibility of the parents, and not that of Club employees. 

Outside catering is not permitted. All food and beverage consumed on the Club premises must be furnished by the Club unless it has been specifically exempted by the Management.

The sale of Golf balls by unauthorized persons on the Golf Course & Club premises is not allowed at any time.

Instances of intoxication on Club property may be subject to appropriate disciplinary action. Club employees may refuse service of alcoholic beverages to any individual they feel is intoxicated or on the verge of becoming intoxicated. 

Any form of verbal or physical abuse on the facility will be communicated directly to the disciplinary committee and appropriate action will be taken.

Advertising in any form and posting of notices is not permitted on the facilities unless approved in advance by the General Manager.

In case of risk of lightning, the Marshalls can demand the golfers to shelter themselves and await permission to resume play.


Members’ Interaction with Employees and Caddies

Members are to treat employees and caddies with dignity and respect at all times. Members are not to abuse any employee/caddy, verbally or otherwise. Members should refrain from instructing, criticizing or berating employees of the Club or the caddies. Any suggestions or complaints regarding any phase of the operation or individual employee/caddy performance should be submitted to or discussed with the relevant Manager. 

Slow, unsatisfactory or improper service should be immediately reported to the Manager on-site so that the service issues if any, may be satisfactorily resolved.

Members must not send any employee of the Club out of the premises for any reason or request special personal services from the employees of the Club, who are on duty.

Members may provide reasonable gifts or gratuities to employees as tokens of appreciation for service. Members may not provide anything of value to any employee that is too repetitive; involves any quid pro quo; or carries the perception of influence or obligation of any type.

Halfway House Restaurant 

Takeaway and delivery on the course are possible, however, payment must be received first. If golfers send their caddy to collect drinks, the golfers must give the payment to the caddy first.           

Members have the possibility to create and credit a restaurant account. This credit can be used to purchase food and drinks from the halfway house.

Caddy Rules

A caddy is mandatory for each player on the course.

Caddies come under the direction of the caddy master who will administer the rules pertaining to caddies, as may be amended from time to time.

The fee for caddies is 5000 RWF for 18 holes and 3000RWF for 9 holes and is set by the Club at its sole and absolute discretion. This is to be paid directly to the caddy and the golfer may choose to add a gratuity if the service is deemed satisfactory.

Any complaint against caddies must be made to the caddy master as soon as possible after the occurrence.

Practice Facility

For the purpose of introduction to the game golf, a member can invite a friend or family member to the Driving Range for free. However, this invitation is unique. The guest frequently invited will be asked to pay the driving range fees or purchase a Swing 4 U membership (or Golf School membership depending on their age).

Range balls are for use at the driving range only. Range balls are not permitted on the Golf Course.

Balls must be hit from designated areas only. No hitting is permitted from the rough or sides of the driving range.

For safety issues, it is forbidden to collect tee in front of the driving range mats

Only the golf professionals may give lessons to other golfers on the range or course.


Golf Cart Rules

Golf carts cannot be used outside of the facilities.

Only two players, two sets of Golf clubs and one caddy are permitted per Golf cart.

Except on cart paths, carts may not be driven, within thirty feet of a green or a tee. 

Golf carts are not to be driven through a hazard. 

Soft areas to be avoided on fairways, especially after rains.

Disciplinary Action

If a member does not respect these rules, appropriate action can be taken by the disciplinary committee.

On a repeated infraction of these rules and if the member continues to lack respect for the facilities, staff and/or other members he/she will see his/her membership revoked without reimbursement.

The Kigali Golf Resort & Villas and the Kigali Golf Club Management.